The University of Health Sciences Medical School curriculum provides students with a comprehensive course of study that prepares students for the future. Students complete the Basic Sciences on-Campus in Antigua and the Clinical Sciences are taught at UHSA’s affiliated teaching hospitals located in the United States, United Kingdom, and Puerto Rico.

Several M.D. programs are available to potential students wishing to pursue medicine including the Traditional M.D. program, BSc Leading to M.D., and combined degree M.D. programs.

The goal of UHSA’s Medical School curriculum is to encourage students to become leaders in healthcare and outstanding practitioners, medical educators, investigators, pioneers in global health, or healthcare administrators.

Traditional M.D. Program

Each semester is 18-weeks, giving students a short break between their studies. New and transferring students may apply for January and August start dates while May is reserved for transfer students only. The first two years, semesters 1-4, are dedicated to completing the Basic Sciences at the serene UHSA campus... Learn More

BSc leading to M.D. Program

UHSA has formed a partnerships with several outstanding institutions to offer combined programs that lead to an internationally accredited Medical Doctorate upon successful completion. These pathways present an opportunity to study for a fantastic medical career whilst experiencing a new country located in the heart of the Caribbean. This program... Learn More

Combined Degree M.D. Program

UHSA is excited to announce partnerships with Walden University and Benedictine University to offer UHSA medical students the opportunity to pursue both an M.D. and Master’s Degree in fields of their choice. The Master’s degree segment of the combined program is delivered online and is available only to those already... Learn More

Hospital Affiliations

UHSA utilizes a vast network of affiliated teaching hospitals where students complete the clinical sciences. In an effort to improve the opportunity for residency match, students participate alongside students from the United States and students from around the world. One of the benefits of attending UHSA is that students are... Learn More