BSc leading to M.D. Program

UHSA has formed a partnerships with several outstanding institutions to offer combined programs that lead to an internationally accredited Medical Doctorate upon successful completion. These pathways present an opportunity to study for a fantastic medical career whilst experiencing a new country located in the heart of the Caribbean.

This program is only offered to full-time undergraduate Biomedical Sciences students at London Metropolitan University and the University of Wolverhampton.

Course Overview

The curriculum of BSc leading to M.D. Program is unique in that students receive instruction from undergraduate studies during their regular semesters and from UHSA during the summer breaks. Students are required to attend three summer school sessions at UHSA, one at the end of each year of the BSc course. Following the third session, students are required to return to Antigua for an additional year that include an autumn session, a spring session, and a fourth summer session, with appropriate breaks between. After the final summer session, students take a review for the United States Medical Licensing Examination and are expected to successfully complete the National Board of Medical Examiners examination (NBME). After successful completion, students are then eligible to take the USMLE Step 1 and can progress to clinical rotations in London.

Classes at UHSA include didactic lectures as well as hands on experiences such as working with cadavers within the Anatomy laboratory. Throughout the program, UHSA faculty expose students to clinical experiences by accompanying students to local clinics and hospitals. Class schedules, grading scales, retaking exams, progression and many other academic policies are different from the partner undergraduate institutions.

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University of Wovlerhampton
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