Effective August 2012

The budget provided below gives the estimated cost for the three summer sessions required for the completion of the basic sciences portion of the combined program.

Tuition Amount (USD)
Basic Sciences $10,000.00 per year
Clinical Sciences $23,750.00 per year
Fees Amount (USD)
Early arrival fee* $75.00 per additional day
Late registration $100.00
Leave Of Absence $500.00
Testing fees per Shelf Subject Exams $125.00
Technology Fee $75.00
Malpractice insurance (annual)** $1,000.00
Graduation fee*** $750.00

Estimated costs

Books $400.00 per year
Pocket money $300.00 per summer period

*If the student arrives at Least two days before the first day of summer session he/she will be charged with the
early arrival fee.

Students should complete and send a housing request and the housing contract to the housing department.

The purchase of books and other educational items necessary for medical school are responsibility of the

Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice as deemed appropriate by the Institution.