Combined Degree M.D. Program

UHSA is excited to announce partnerships with Walden University and Benedictine University to offer UHSA medical students the opportunity to pursue both an M.D. and Master’s Degree in fields of their choice. The Master’s degree segment of the combined program is delivered online and is available only to those already accepted to the UHSA Medical Doctor program. The MD segment of the program follows the guidelines of the UHSA Medical Doctor Program.

Both Benedictine and Walden are accredited institutions which offer programs that compliment the UHSA Medical Doctor program. Eligible UHSA students pursuing combined program may be eligible to apply for Title IV federal aid, which may be applied to the cost of their Master’s degree institution’s tuition as well as living expenses incurred while pursuing the online degree.

Walden University
Direct number: 443-627-7292
Email address:

Benedictine University
Nicole Rosa
Direct number: (866) 295-3104 x5427
Email address:

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