Effective January 2016

Tuition Amount (USD)
Basic Sciences – 4 Semesters $9,867.00 per semester
Integrated Review of the Basic Sciences $9,000.00 (does not include housing)
Clinical Sciences – 4 Semesters $12,271.00 per semester
Fees Amount (USD)
Seat reservation (non-refundable)* $500.00
Late Arrival $500.00
Leave Of Absence (LOA) $500.00
Absence Without Leave (AWOL) $650.00
Testing fees per Shelf Subject Exams $125.00
Student services $150.00
Malpractice insurance (annual)** $1,000.00
Registration only $1,500.00
Nominal fee*** $2,700.00
Per credit fee $500.00
Test out fee $1,500.00
Late payment 7% of tuition balance
Readmission Fee $1,000.00
Transcripts $50.00
Notarization $50.00
Academic certifications $20.00
Transportation $450.00
Graduation**** $750.00

* Applied towards the first semester of tuition. Due one month from the date of the acceptance letter.

** Applies to medical students within the Clinical Sciences.

*** Only applicable to student who have done rotations for more than 4 semesters and will complete all rotations within a month after the 4th semester. Any rotations being done for more than one month of the semester will incur full tuition.

**** Applies to 4th year medical students.

Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice as deemed appropriate by the Institution.