Effective November 2016

Tuition Amount (USD)
Application Fee $75.00
Caricom & Non-US Resident (annual)
Tuition $7,500.00
Part-Time (per credit) $125.00
Clinical Fee $1,800.00
US Residents and Students qualifying for UHSA Loan (annual)
Tuition (annual) $13,500.00
Part-Time (per credit) $250.00
Clinical Fee $2,400.00
Digital Course Material (full program approx. cost) $1,923.00
Seat deposit (non-refundable)* $500.00
Leave of absence $250.00
Student services $100.00
Graduation $300.00
Transcript $50.00
Academic related certifications $20.00
Notarization $50.00
Late Arrival $100.00
Late payment 7% of tuition balance

Enrollment Fee

Each student accepted into the program is required to pay a $500.00. Payment of the Enrollment Fee confirms acceptance of admission and reserves a place for the student in the entering class.

*Applied towards the first semester of tuition. Due one month from the date of the acceptance letter.

Tuition and Fees are subject to change without prior notice as deemed appropriate by the Institution.