Printing via email Attach the document you want to print to an email in your University of Health Sciences Antigua email (Gmail) account and then send it to: Within a couple of minutes, your document will be added to the Print Release queue, and you can collect it in the normal manner.

Detailed Information

Print via email enables you to send most documents to printers using your University email account. You can send the email from any device that you can access your UHSA email account on; including PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

At this time, only PDF and Image files are accepted. Additional formats will be added shortly. For assistance with converting files to PDF, please visit:

You can attach multiple files to one email, although it will take slightly longer to process them. Each attachment will be treated as a single print file, (i.e., 4 attachments will be considered as 4 print files, and the release queue will show 4 different documents when you log in to a printer.

You cannot send documents from other email accounts, emails sent from private or group email addresses will not work, and your file will not be added to your Print Release queue. Only emails sent from your University email account will work.

When composing the email to, each file that you attach will become a document in your release queue, and you can attach several files to the same email. When you have finished attaching documents, then click SEND to submit your files to the Print Release system.

If you see an error saying that your job was canceled, that your email is not recognized, then you are most likely not using your registered UHSA email account. If you are and the error persists, please open a support ticket by emailing