Free Clinic of English Harbour

In collaboration with Georgetown University’s student involved clinic, H.O.Y.A., the Free Clinic of English Harbour is a student-driven free clinic serving the population of English Harbour, Antigua.

The Free Clinic of English Harbour is managed by medical and nursing students of the UHSA. It allows students to contribute their clinical skills to a medically underserved patient population while allowing students to directly experience the social, economic, and cultural challenges that impact rural and island healthcare delivery. Furthermore, students are given the opportunity to deepen their inter-professional leadership and organizational skills.

The University of Health Sciences Antigua is committed to serving its community through outreach activities. It is unwavering in its goal to provide quality health care for all around the world. The University also supports health education projects in schools, churches, and local health clinics in Antigua and Barbuda and at local community events.

Who We Are

The Free Clinic at English Harbour is a University of Health Sciences Antigua medical and nursing student-driven clinic providing free primary care health services. Services are provided regardless of insurance or immigration status. Nursing students, medical students, and healthcare workers will staff the Free Clinic, which will operate two days per week initially. An average of 10 patients per day will be seen at the clinic. A wide variety of primary care services will be provided, such as wellness checks, HIV screening, asthma treatments, flu shots, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol testing, etc.

In addition to providing health care service, the Free Clinic will also provide patient education and awareness with a focus on prevention. The Free Clinic will be a place of growth and learning as medical and nursing students will have an opportunity to put their skills and knowledge to the test. Students will greet the patient, perform initial health screenings, including the health history and blood pressure measurements. They will present their findings to the physician or nurse on duty, who will then evaluate the findings and then examine and treat the patient.


The Free Clinic of English Harbour, a University of Health Sciences Antigua clinic in partnership with the community, provides patient centered quality care to those in need with an emphasis on compassion, dignity, and cultural sensitivity. We believe preventive, educational care is essential to lifelong health and that with knowledge patients will be empowered to improve their own health and well-being. We create an atmosphere of educational opportunities where patients, students and health professionals learn from one another and work together, advancing the field of primary care for future medical doctors.