Scholarships are a great way to pay for your education and reduce the need for financial aid. If you are a new student, you will be considered for scholarships at the time of admission.

Dr. Yele Akande Scholarship

Awarded to eligible medical students, the Dr. Yele Akande Scholarship offers eligible incoming, first semester students a pathway to becoming licensed, practicing physicians.

Award Amount

Scholarship covering the cost of the 4-year education. For students receiving this scholarship, the cost of tuition is reduced to:

$3,245 Per Term for Premedical Sciences (Four Terms)
$5,837 Per Term for the Basic Sciences (Six Terms)
$5,837 Per Term Clinical Sciences (Four Terms)

This scholarship excludes the following fees:

Normal academic fees
Malpractice Insurance for the clinical sciences
Room and board and any education supplies


Applicant must be a citizen & resident of an African, Caricom, Canadian, EU, or South Asian Country
Proof of residency (for example, National ID, Driver’s license, or Recent utility bill)
One page essay stating why you should be considered for the scholarship
Must maintain good academic standing

Please note:

Scholarship candidates must be accepted as a student by UHSA before consideration
Scholarships may not be combined
Only new incoming students enrolling into their first term are eligible
Must maintain satisfactory academic progress each term
Scholarship cannot be regained once lost