Types of Financial Aid

Students can explore the various loan options to help cover their tuition upfront. UHSA does not participate in US federal Title IV financial aid, but students can explore options with the below private lenders for their student loan needs.

Meritize Loan

Financing Options with Meritize Financial offers educational loans to our students. Meritize is a unique academic lender that bases its loan approvals on traditional credit scores and academic performance.

Benefits for students include:

  • No cosigner requirement exists; however, applying with a creditworthy cosigner may help you qualify and receive a lower interest rate.
  • A borrower must be a US citizen or permanent resident.
  • Ability to finance the cost of attendance, including living expenses.
  • Fixed and variable interest rates are available.
  • Flexible payment options, including deferring total principal and interest payments until three months after graduation.

Apply and check your loan options without impacting your credit score.

UHSA Institutional Loan Program

UHSA provides a loan program to assist students who have encountered challenges in qualifying for existing student loan programs. This institutionally funded initiative aims to extend financial support to students who have diligently sought funding for upcoming academic terms but have faced constraints in meeting their financial requirements.

  • The maximum benefit of $4,000 per academic term (applicable toward tuition fees only). This loan is available on a per-term basis.
  • Loan repayment term of 8 years (96 months) at 12.5% interest.
  • Interest-only payments while enrolled. Full repayment begins 6 months after graduation or on the 54th month of initial enrollment in the Basic Sciences program*.
  • Minimum FICO credit score of 600. No co-signer requirement.
  • Borrowers not meeting the minimum credit score may apply with a co-signer who is a US citizen or permanent resident (including Puerto Rico).

To Apply: Accepted students must download and complete the credit application and upload it below. If approved, a contract is generated by TFC Tuition and is forwarded to the student for signature.

*Repayment begins immediately if a student leaves before completing the MD program. If a withdrawing/transferring student is due a refund, the refund will first be applied toward any outstanding balance.

Students should obtain their credit scores from all three major credit bureaus to ensure their credit rating is based on the most current and accurate data. You’re entitled to one free copy of your credit report every 12 months from each of the three nationwide credit reporting companies. The only federally authorized source for obtaining your free annual credit report is annualcreditreport.com. Credit reports may also be available via your bank, credit union, or credit card provider.

If you have additional questions, please email the Student Financial Aid Department at financialaid@uhsa.edu.ag.

Walden Degree Program

Through UHSA’s partnership with Walden University, a US regionally accredited online university, you can pursue a second program of study that will complement your medical studies and give you a leg up as you start your medical career.

  • Eligible students who take at least one course per 6 or 8-week term can apply for Title-IV Federal Aid to pay for the Walden classes and their other expenses.
  • Walden provides UHSA students a 25 percent reduction in tuition for their second degree.
  • You can choose from bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral-level degree programs in areas of study such as Business and Management, Public Health and Health Sciences, Public Policy and Administration, and more.

Walden’s programs can help you develop the critical and creative thinking skills needed to succeed in healthcare.

In-school deferment for previous student loans

Due to UHSA not being approved for Federal Student Aid programs, previous student loans might not qualify for in-school deferment. Deferment forms usually require a federal school code. If you submit a deferment form to the Registrar, it will be processed without the school code and sent to your lender, but approval isn’t assured. You need to monitor your accounts for the outcome. If your deferment isn’t approved, you may be able to apply for forbearance instead.

Per Term Tuition Payment Plan

A per-term installment plan is available and offers a four-month repayment cycle arranged through TFC Credit Corporation, a third-party tuition financing company.

The payment schedule includes one down payment, followed by three monthly payments at 4% interest. No credit check is required.

Down payment requirements

  • Term (I-IV) Basic Sciences – $5,496
  • Term (VI) Review – $4,750
  • Term (VII-X) Clinical Sciences – $6,436

Apply by completing the Tuition Payment Agreement.

Federal and Provincial Student Loans for Canadian Students

The University of Health Sciences Antigua is approved by the Canadian Ministry of Education, entitling most students to the ability to receive Canadian Federal loans, Provincial loans, and Federal grants.

The Canada Student Loans Program (CSLP) offers financial assistance to full-time and part-time students pursuing post-secondary education in the form of loans, grants, and repayment assistance. The CSLP delivers student financial assistance in partnership with most provinces and territories. Quebec and the Northwest Territories operate their own programs.

These loans are interest-subsidized by the Canadian government while the student is enrolled in school and maintaining satisfactory academic progress, as determined by the individual Province. Below you will find links to the website of each Province. Applicants must use UHSA’s designated school code [ZPAS] when completing the process of obtaining funding.

Canada Student Line of Credit

To supplement the financing of their education, students usually apply for a professional line of credit available through banks in Canada. Credit lines can be approved for between $150,000 and $500,000, depending on the bank you choose to apply with. Please note all banks will require a co-signer and usually provide the option to defer principal payments until graduation to allow residency, etc.

Student Lines of Credit are available from the Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust, and others. The following links may be helpful:

8B Student Loan Program

Provides African students with financing to assist with their medical education and expenses. Students who are also citizens of non-African countries are not eligible.

To qualify, applicants must provide the following:

  • National Identity Document or Passport copy for proof of being from an eligible African country*.
  • Bank Statement with the last two months of transactions.
  • Two references from family members or close acquaintances.
  • UHSA acceptance letter.
  • A short essay regarding post-graduate plans: the short essay is very important for approval.

If you have questions, email support@8b.finance.

*Eligible countries include all African countries except the Central African Republic, Libya, Somalia, and Sudan (not South Sudan).