Available Student Housing

Housing in the community surrounding our medical school offers students, faculty, and staff various apartment and home rental opportunities in affordable price ranges. Student housing is located a short distance from the university campus. Living close to campus allows students to meet classmates and become familiar with the island. It is a good idea to plan to arrive in Antigua several weeks before classes start, so you have time to become acclimated to the island.

Buckleys Village, Antigua & Barbuda

Contact name: Julie Warren

Tel: +1 (268) 562-5525


Email: info@paigepondcountryinn.com

Room Types

  • Studio
  • Standard
  • Queen

Students may share (double occupancy) standard and queen-sized rooms if requested.

Buckley's Country Club-Buckleys Updated 2022 Room Price-Reviews & Deals | Trip.com

Buckleys, Antigua & Barbuda

Tel: +1 (268) 561-5616


Email: bookings@buckleyscountryclub.com

  • One bed, one bath unit
  • Two bed, one bath unit
  • Two bed, two bath unit

Students may share (double occupancy) rooms if requested. The housing includes a cleaner once a month and cooking gas.
Electric and water are extra paid monthly.

Trilogy Villas, English Harbour Town – Updated 2022 Prices

English Harbour, Antigua & Barbuda

Tel: +1 (268) 728-9232


Email: trilogyvillas@gmail.com

  • Two Bedroom
  • Four Bedroom

Students may share (double occupancy) rooms if requested.

English Harbour, Antigua & Barbuda

Tel: +1 (268) 764-9265


Email: admin@vinecottageslongterm.com

  • One Bedroom
  • Two Bedroom

Students may share (double occupancy) rooms if requested.

Alternative Housing Options

UHSA has also designated the process of off-campus housing to Carthy’s Estate in Antigua to assist students in locating and securing appropriate accommodations that fit every need and budget. For more information, please contact:

Akeem Zachariah from Carthy’s Estate

WhatsApp/Phone: +1 268-788-6879

Email: Carthys.Estate@gmail.com

Average monthly costs are as follows*:

Residence Type Rent (USD)
Studio Apt 600-750
1 Bed/1 Bath Apt 750-950
2 Bed/2 Bath Apt 1,000-1,500
3 Bed/2 Bath Apt 1,800-2,800
3/Bed Single Family Homes 2,000-4,000

*Illustrative average costs obtained from local realtors.

For additional housing questions, email housing@uhsa.edu.ag.