Medical School Tuition

Cost of Attendance USD
Application fee 50

Premedical Sciences Program

Term I 4867
Term II 4867
Term III 4867
Total Premedical Program Cost 14,601

Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program

Basic Sciences
Term I 9867
Term II 9867
Term III 9867
Term IV 9867
Term V 9867
Term VI 9000
Total Basic Sciences Cost 58,335
Clinical Sciences
Term I 12271
Term II 12271
Term III 12271
Term IV 12271
Total Clinical Sciences Cost 49,084
  • UHSA uses electronic books for the basic sciences semesters. This cost is included in the Student Services fee students pay every term.
  • All students must have comprehensive health coverage and may elect to buy a student health insurance policy provided by Cigna should they require it.
Extended Clinical Rotations – Cost Per Week 682
  • Only applicable to students who take more than four terms to complete clerkships.
Malpractice insurance (Clinical Sciences) – Two annual payments 1000
  • Malpractice insurance is required before commencing clinical clerkships. The clinical sciences department organizes coverage.
Seat Deposit 500
  • Applied towards your tuition upon acceptance.
Late Registration 100
Per the academic calendar, tuition received after the Late Registration date will be assessed a fee of 500.
Student Services – Per Term 225
  • Support services for all students
Shelf Examination – Per Exam 175
Graduation 750
  • Cost of the diploma, mailing fees, and other administrative expenses associated with graduation and postgraduate services.

*Updated as of September 1, 2022. Tuition and fees are subject to change. Clinical Fees and Academic Fees are non-refundable.

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