Medical School Tuition (2023 Academic Year)

Cost of Attendance USD
Application fee 50

Premedical Sciences Program

Term I 4867
Term II 4867
Term III 4867
Term IV 4867
Total Premedical Program Cost 19,468

Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program

Basic Sciences
Term I 9867
Term II 9867
Term III 9867
Term IV 9867
Term V 9867
Term VI (Basic Sciences Comprehensive Review) 9000
Total Basic Sciences Cost 58,335
Clinical Sciences
Term I 12271
Term II 12271
Term III 12271
Term IV 12271
Total Clinical Sciences Cost 49,084
  • UHSA uses electronic books for the basic sciences semesters. This cost is included in the Student Services fee students pay every term.
  • All students must have comprehensive health coverage and may elect to buy a student health insurance policy provided by Cigna should they require it.
Extended Clinical Rotations – Cost Per Week 682
  • Only applicable to students who take more than four terms to complete clerkships.
Malpractice insurance (Clinical Sciences) – Two annual payments 1000
  • Malpractice insurance is required before commencing clinical clerkships. The clinical sciences department organizes coverage.
Seat Deposit 500
  • Applied towards your tuition upon acceptance.
Late Registration 100
Per the academic calendar, tuition received after the Late Registration date will be assessed a fee of 500.
Student Services – Per Term 225
  • Support services for all students
Shelf Examination – Per Exam 175
Graduation 750
  • Cost of the diploma, mailing fees, and other administrative expenses associated with graduation and postgraduate services.

Please note that the following information is an estimate. Remember that your total cost will vary depending on your expenses and accommodation selection. Estimated Cost of Living – Per Term

Item Example Cost
Text Books 0
Health Insurance 250*
Room and Board 3000
Transportation 300
Personal Expenses 500
Total Cost 4050

*Students must have comprehensive health coverage while completing the basic sciences. This amount is an estimate. However, students must purchase malpractice insurance once per annum during the clinical sciences.

Tuition and fees are subject to change. Clinical Fees and Academic Fees are non-refundable.

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