Medical School Tuition (2022 Academic Year)

Tuition USD

Premedical Sciences

Term I-IV – Per Term 4867
Total Tuition: Premedical Sciences 19468

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

Basic Sciences
Term I-V – Per Term 9867
Integrated Review of the Basic Sciences
Term VI 9000
Clinical Sciences
Term I-IV – Per Term 12271
Total Tuition: Doctor of Medicine – Four-year program 107,419
  • Tuition and fees do not include accommodations, books, or school supplies.
  • Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice as deemed appropriate by the institution.
Cost Per Week 682
  • It is only applicable to students who are completing the clinical clerkships for more than four terms (two years).
Malpractice insurance (Clinical Sciences) – Annual 1000
  • All clinical students are required to purchase malpractice insurance before commencing clinical clerkships. The clinical sciences department will organize coverage.
Seat Deposit 500
  • Applied towards your tuition upon acceptance.
Late Registration 100
Tuition received after the Late Registration date, per the academic calendar, will be assessed a $500 fee.
Student Services* (All students) – Per Term 225
  • Support services for all students
Shelf Examination – Per Exam 125
Graduation 750
  • Cost of the diploma, mailing fees, and other administrative expenses associated with graduation and postgraduate services.
Leave of Absence 2000
Licensure Exam Registration Period 2000
  • Students requiring additional time to study for board examinations must remain registered.
Readmission 1000
  • Students who are not enrolled for a term or more.
Deferral of Admission 100
Notarization of Official Documents 75
Academic Certifications 30

*Fee is refundable in accordance with the refund policy.

Please note that the following information is an estimate. Keep in mind that your total cost will vary depending on your personal expenses and accommodation selection.

Estimated Cost of Living – Per Term (4 months)

Item Example Cost
Health Insurance 1000**
Room and Board 8000
Transportation 1000
Personal Expenses 1000
Total Cost 11000

**Students must have comprehensive health coverage while completing the basic sciences. This amount is an estimate. However, students must purchase malpractice insurance once per annum during the clinical sciences.

Tuition Refund Policy

Week 1 80%
Week 2 60%
Week 3 40%
Week 4 10%

No refunds are issued after the 4th week. Refunds are in accordance with the Academic Calendar

Students withdrawing from UHSA must first complete a Request To Withdraw, requesting withdrawal from the program. Students officially withdrawing from the UHSA will be credited for tuition and refundable fees in accordance with the following schedule, which applies once classes have started:

Past Due Accounts

Both registered and non-registered student accounts are sent to a university designated collections agency when collection efforts through the normal billing process have failed, and any of the following occurs:

  • An account becomes seriously past due (more than 90 days)
  • A significant past due balance has accumulated
  • The billing address is determined to be non-deliverable
  • Other conditions that may affect account collection

Once an account is forwarded to collections, it is considered delinquent. Students are responsible for paying all collection costs, including court costs and attorneys’ fees. If your account has been referred to the university’s designated collection agent, please contact them immediately to make payment arrangements. The longer you wait, the higher the risk of tarnishing your credit rating and being subjected to further enforcement proceedings.

Payments must be made directly to the collection agency. If you pay the collection agency directly, they will automatically notify us of your payments. Failure to respond to the collection agency and make the required payments may result in additional legal and service fees. Further, the account may be reported to the appropriate credit bureaus, which will negatively impact the ability to obtain future credit.

After a student account becomes delinquent, a Bursar collection hold is placed on the account, preventing enrollment, obtaining transcripts, or charging other services.

Financial Aid Options

Fund your education through student loan programs, and medical school financial aid options.

Grants & Scholarships

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