How to make your payments

Conveniently pay your tuition online 24/7. Payments you make will be posted to your student account, and you will receive immediate confirmation of your payment online and by email. The University accepts e-checks, credit and cards, certified checks, and wire transfers.

Pay using a credit or debit card

Securely make credit or debit card payments online. The University accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Pay by eCheck

Using eCheck, you can make secure online payments using a bank account in the United States. Your banking information remains confidential and is never disclosed during the transaction process.

Wire Transfers

Our partnership with PayMyTuition by MTFX makes paying via an online wire transfer easy, convenient, and cost-effective. International students, in particular, may want to consider this option because they offer the best exchange rates. Additional information on PayMyTuition:

  1. Benefits for international students
  2. How it works

Bank Transfers

To make a payment via bank transfer, email the Bursar Department at requesting the necessary payment information. Additionally, specify the country from which you will be sending the payment.

Financial Aid Options

Financial aid options available to help cover the cost of your education

Grants & Scholarships

Apply to help pay for your education and reduce the need for student loans.