Our Rich History

In 1982, our founder, the late Dr. Yele Akande, arrived in Antigua & Barbuda with a formidable mission: to establish a medical school at the former NASA Apollo Tracking Station in Dow’s Hill, Piccadilly. As the driving force behind the University of Health Sciences Antigua (UHSA), Dr. Yele Akande not only left a lasting impact on the world but also coined the motto “Medical School to the World.” UHSA quickly embraced technology, becoming one of the pioneering schools to utilize its potential. Additionally, the university played a key role in bringing the “.AG” domain name to the island, which it still manages.

Today, UHSA continues to expand steadily by establishing international partnerships and attracting students worldwide. The family-operated university’s leadership focuses on expansion and adherence to accreditation standards. Under its dedicated team’s guidance, the university’s legacy of producing exceptional physicians continues.

Over four decades, UHSA has graduated students from more than 21 countries. These graduates have pursued various specialties, including surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, and pediatrics. Many of our alumni have achieved prestigious positions as Heads of Hospitals, Department Heads, Faculty, Chief Residents, and Popular Lecturers at renowned institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Yale, and Oxford University.

University Leadership

Dr. Manuel Flores

Provost and Executive Vice-President for Academic Affairs


Dr. Adedayo Akande

Ms. Lyzette Roman

Vice Provost of Institutional Advancement

Mr. Antonio McGee II

Director of Admissions

Dr. Víctor Gordo

Associate Dean of Clinical Sciences

Dr. Tamara Mangum

Associate Dean of Premedical Sciences

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