Premedical Sciences Program - Your pathway to medical school

Welcome to the 96-credit-hour Premedical Sciences Program (Pre-med), designed specifically for high school graduates aspiring to pursue a career in medicine. This comprehensive online program guarantees students acceptance into UHSA’s esteemed Doctor of Medicine (MD) program.

The Pre-med program encompasses all the science and laboratory requirements for a seamless progression in the healthcare field. By completing this program, students gain the necessary knowledge and skills to embark on their journey as medical students.

Our carefully crafted curriculum aligns with our integrated medical curriculum, ensuring a smooth transition into the MD program’s basic sciences. From day one, we present fundamental scientific concepts through a medical lens, giving students a unique perspective. Additionally, the program incorporates familiarization with the USMLE Step 1, a crucial milestone in the medical licensing examination process.

With our Pre-med program, you can confidently pave your way toward a fulfilling career in medicine while receiving the guidance and preparation you need to excel in the UHSA MD program.

Premedical Sciences Curriculum

Term I

Course Code Course title Credit
PBIO101 General Biology I w/lab 4
PCHE101 Inorganic Chemistry I w/lab 4
PPSY101 Introduction to Psychology 3
PMAT101 College Algebra 3
PENG101 English I 3
PMED 101 Medical Terminology 2
PMED 102 Study Skills 3

Term II

Course Code Course title Credit
PENG102 English II 3
PBIO102 Biochemistry w/lab 5
PSOC101 Sociology 3
PMAT102 Calculus 3
PBIO 102 General Biology II w/lab 4
PCHE 102 Inorganic Chemistry II w/lab 4

Term III

Course Code Course title Credit
PHAP101 Human Anatomy and Physiology I w/lab 4
PPHY101 General Physics I w/lab 4
PCHE201 Organic Chemistry I w/lab 4
PENG103 English III- Conversational 3
PBIO104 Microbiology w/lab 5
PMED 103 Medical Ethics 3

Term IV

Course Code Course title Credit
PPHY102 General Physics w/lab 4
PBIO105 Cellular and Molecular Biology w/lab 5
PCHE202 Organic Chemistry w/lab 4
PHAP102 Human Anatomy and Physiology II w/lab 4
PMED 104 Introduction to Health Promotion 3
PMAT103 Biostatistics 3

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