University Refund Policy

Students withdrawing from UHSA are required first to complete the Request to Withdraw form available on the website and submit in writing a formal letter to the Dean for the School of Medicine requesting withdrawal from the program, including a reason for withdrawal. Students officially withdrawing from the UHSA will be credited for tuition and refundable fees according to the following schedule.

Applies once classes have started in accordance with the UHSA academic calendar:

Before Classes Begin 100%
Withdraw During 1st Week 80%
Withdraw During 2nd Week 60%
Withdraw During 3rd Week 40%
Withdraw During 4th Week 10%

No refunds are issued after the 4th week. All refunds are less any amounts owed to the university. Only base tuition will be prorated; all other applicable fees are non-refundable. Please see the student manual for additional information.

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